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In a virtually connected world, it’s hard to stay online and connect with everyone because we don’t know who’s sending a message at what time. Being offline, we are completely unaware of their message. Auto-reply Message Feature in GB Whatsapp helps you to stay connected all time. This is also a major reason why someone can lose their job or lose their friendship just because they are not connected or replying after a long time.

But don’t worry about all that because the latest version of GBWhatsApp has brought you a new feature called Auto-reply Message. By using this feature of the Mod Version you can stay connected every time, if someone sends you a message this feature will reply automatically. Even if you’re offline, it will auto-reply the incoming message in the form of a prompt that you have set in the “Auto Reply” feature. So why you are waiting, set a schedule today and stay connected 24 hours.

Step-By-Step Guide to Apply Auto-reply Message Feature in GB Whatsapp

  • Firstly, open “GB WhatsApp” on your device.
  • Then click on the “three dots” which show in the top right corner.
  • After that, click on the “Auto Reply” option from various options.
  • Then click on the “Plus” icon, which shows in the right bottom corner.
  • A complete dashboard of this feature will show.
  • Firstly this feature shows three options which are “Reply if contain” “Reply if equal” and “Reply to all messages”, select one of them.
  • Then enter the text in “Auto Reply Message” which you want to reply to all messages when you’re offline.
  • Then choose “Contacts” “Groups” or “Both” to reply to incoming messages.
  • Set a specific time by entering the “Start Time” and “End Time” for auto reply.
  • You can also select a specific “Contacts” or “Groups” manually. So that the “Auto Reply” feature will work for only those “Contacts” or “Groups”.
  • After setup, click a final on the “Right” icon, which shows in the right bottom corner.
  • Now, if someone sends you a message, the “Auto Reply” feature will work according to your settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, the mod versions of WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp have the feature of “Auto Reply”. By using this feature you can set an automatic reply message which means if someone sends you a message at a time when you are not available this message is sent automatically.

It depends on the purpose of using this feature, For business, general replies, and products or services it can be different. Write a message relevant to your use.


GB WhatsApp is the modded version of official WhatsApp which has more features as compared to WhatsApp and “Auto Reply” is one of the features of this mod version. This feature helps you to stay active even when you’re offline. This feature sends an auto-reply to incoming messages. In short, we can say that this feature is our assistant.

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