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So, here we represent the GB WhatsApp iOS Themes that express features like color theme and font theme. With these features, you can pledge and bring your messaging experience to new heights. So, with this freedom, it is a chance to transform your messaging app into a visual piece that reflects your unique style.

The proof of its security is that you have to step into a world of smooth interaction with the iPhone theme design which reflects the Apple iconic, and it is safe and secure. So you have to dive into a world of enchantment that provides a refreshing twist to your conversation.

Find GB WhatsApp iOS Themes

If you have already downloaded the latest version, but it’s showing an unknown error occurred, Then you can do these things to remove this error:

  • Firstly, open the GB WhatsApp APK on your iPhone device.
  • Click on three dots which are shown in the upper right corner.
  • Then, click on GB Setting from various options.
  • Various settings will be shown, click on the Themes option.
  • The interface of the themes option will be shown.

Features of GB WhatsApp Themes on iOS

The theme option also has its own six features, which are given below:

Download Themes

Different themes are available in this option such as different movies and seasons themes, anime themes, cartoon themes, and much more according to user interest. You can download and install any theme from here. Just clicking on the “install” button theme will be applied on your message app.

Load WhatsApp Theme

If you already have any theme in your SD card, then you can also import your theme and use this on your app. Just click on the “load theme”, choose the place where the theme is stored, then open the theme and use it.

Save Themes

If you like more than one theme, then you can save these themes with names in this option. So, you can use these themes from time to time. Just click on “save theme” and give the name, your current theme will be saved on your device.

Restore GB Whatsapp Themes

If you had applied any themes before, then you removed them, and now you want to apply those themes, then you can easily restore those themes by using this option.

Reset Preferences

By using this option, your current theme will be removed. Just click on “Reset Preferences” and you get back the default theme.

Delete all saved/installed Themes

By using this option, your all saved and installed themes will be deleted. Just on this option and press ok.

Pros and Cons of GB WhatsApp iOS Themes and Wallpaper

  • You can customize your app to look as you want by using different themes.
  • Themes can change the totally visual look of your app such as Wallpaper, chats, etc.
  • Themes attract the user and users want to spend more time on this version of WhatsApp compared to official WhatsApp.
  • If you download and install any theme from download theme option sometimes it not be applied totally same as they show.
  • Difficult to select themes from the bundles of themes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

WhatsApp provides just the default theme, no more themes are available in official WhatsApp. If you need more themes and want to customize your app look then download the modified version of WhatsApp. This modded version provides various themes you can select one of them and use it in this version.

Yes, it is secure for its users, there is no issue regarded. Millions of its users give a positive response that is why it is recommended as there is no malware and security issue.
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Simply open the app in your iOS and go to the GB WhatsApp setting. Themes options are available in this setting. Click on download the theme and install the theme from there. Theme will be applied on your account


GB WhatsApp provides multiple themes while official WhatsApp as compared to GB provides just the default theme. You can download and install themes under the app and you can even delete and restore themes from there.

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