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Every individual user of WhatsApp is crazy for collecting the GB WhatsApp Theme. They want some extra themes with the official WhatsApp theme because of how much time an individual user spends on a single one, they will be definitely tired of using the default theme. Officially, there is only dark and light mod available, but in this modded version you can download different themes that make love to use WhatsApp.

Our experts explore the many modified versions of WhatsApp and select the GB WhatsApp Latest Version that provides you with a more elegant theme with Customization. A theme that makes your virtual world more attractive. These themes have such a power of attractiveness, such as text or contact because of the changes of their background. GB WhatsApp also provides dedicated Themes for iPhone users.

We make sure that you will be definitely satisfied with these because this modified version gives you permission to download, save, or delete the theme. GB WhatsApp gives you access to custom any time, So pin your favourite theme and make yourself self-made.

Download GB WhatsApp Best Theme Collection In 2024

GB WhatsApp Themes - YoGokuMigateBlue.M.A.S.B


Dragon Ball Z Japanese anime cartoon that is very popular not just with children but as well as in the young generation. If you love to watch this animated Dragon Ball Z, this theme is best for you because of the main character Goku there are many stunning themes available in bulks you can select anyone which you like.

GBWhatsApp Themes - Betty_pop_by_geise

Betty_pop_by_geise theme

Girls love red, and this theme is especially designed for red color lovers. This theme also provides animated girls in the background with a red theme. Moreover, it can make your text more fancy.

GB WhatsApp Theme: Betty_pop_by_geise theme

Betty_pop_by_geise theme

If you are a such kind of person who loves to do customization and love to interact with new themes. As mentioned in the name of the theme, this theme provides you with an animated look. Anime lovers mostly use this theme because it shows their passion. If you are also an anime lover then you can easily download this theme in the GB setting.

GBWhatsApp Themes - RC_MsgOne_Black


It is one of the famous GB WhatsApp themes. If you use these themes, it feels like you’re using WhatsApp on an iPhone. The status tab is showing at the top of WhatsApp, you can check your. If you open any person’s chat box, its color and font size are changed, and your DP is showing in the corner of your chat. It looks so stunning and attractive.

"Bella_Ciao" GBWhatsApp Themes


I think we don’t need to describe this theme because who doesn’t know about Bella Ciao. Basically, this theme is specially designed for the most popular season Money Heist. The mask that you are looking at in the background is a sign of revolution according to the season that makes every individual independent. Most Money Heist lovers download this theme and also use it.

GBWhatsApp Themes - YoAlv_OneUI


If you enable this theme it feels like you are using Telegram in this theme chat group statuses and calls are seen at the bottom of your mobile screen in the head you can customize the name as you wish. If you love the simple color it is the perfect match for you because it attracts anyone’s attention, you can also use dark and light mod in this theme.

"Mac_Gta_5_V2" GBWhatsApp Themes


The interface of this theme reminds us of the old days. The days that we never forget, because this is mostly the first computer game of every childhood. Most game lovers use this theme, they can download and save themes from GB settings.

"Thore_Fouad_by_Deth" GBWhatsApp Themes


The interface of this theme reminds us of the old days. The days that we never forget, because this is mostly the first computer game of every childhood. Most game lovers use this theme, they can download and save themes from GB settings.

How to Use and Customize GB WhatsApp Themes

By default, the theme is applied on your device in official WhatsApp, but in GB WhatsApp you can change the theme. There are a lot of themes available in GB WhatsApp, but if you use official WhatsApp, you are not eligible to change themes.

In GB WhatsApp you can also do different things such as Download theme, Load theme, Restore theme, Restart Preferences and Delete all saved/installed themes, to access all the features you need to follow these steps

  • Tap on the top right corner, and go to the GBSettings.
  • Now go to the themes, so you can see all these themes

Download theme

Download theme is available to activate any theme in your WhatsApp simply tap on the download theme here you can see 4000+ themes available for free, so you can access any one theme that you love. You can search the theme by its name, and you are also eligible to preview all the theme’s looks. If you like any theme, just click to install It. It shows you a pop-up message if the theme is not apply you need to switch the light/dark mod to apply them, make sure your device is connected to the internet connection while downloading the theme. There is no number of limit to apply theme in one day.

Load theme

If you don’t like the themes that are available in the download theme option, you want to use any custom theme, so a loaded theme is available for you. Just click the laid button and select the folder where your theme is available, click on apply and restart your WhatsApp that’s it your custom theme is loaded in your GB WhatsApp.

Save a theme

You can save any of your themes that you like just enter the name of the theme it is saved in your modded version, so you can use it later when you need 

How to restore theme in GB WhatsApp

If you want to restore any of your themes you can use the restore theme, just click on the restore button, so your theme is restored.

How to delete theme in GB WhatsApp

If you don’t like any theme that you installed or may be bored with using your previous theme If you don’t want to save themes you can simply delete the theme, and just click to delete all saved/installed themes, so GB WhatsApp is set to the default theme automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Open GB WhatsApp tap on the GBSettings go to the themes install any theme which you like.

Yes, you are eligible to apply any of your custom themes go to the GB setting tap on the themes click on the load, and select the custom theme that you want to apply.

Gb WhatsApp themes are available on social media. You can download it from various groups. You can also search on Google. There are a lot of themes available. You can download it from various sites on Google.

Yes, you can reset your theme in GB WhatsApp at any time just go to GB settings click on the themes, and choose the deleted all saved/installed theme.


GB WhatsApp is a modded version that’s why it has many features, one of the best features is changing background wallpapers and themes because it totally changes the user experience. A lot of themes available in GB WhatsApp you can download and apply these themes as well and if you want to use any specific theme you can use it just upload a GB WhatsApp theme and use it. Any time you want to shift to your official theme, simply choose the default theme.

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