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GB WhatsApp Pros and Cons
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Many of you may be afraid to download the modified version of WhatsApp because it’s not official and is a third-party messaging app. While many users of the modified version prefer this modified version of WhatsApp apk because they find some extra features, themes, and privacy settings in this. If you still can’t decide whether you should use GB WhatsApp or official WhatsApp, don’t be worried because we are here to help you make a decision about which one is best for you. We have compiled a complete guide to GB WhatsApp’s Pros and Cons.

In this article, we have come up with some pros and cons of using GB WhatsApp on your device. It can help you to make the right decision because we are going to describe the all advantages and disadvantages of using the Latest Version of GB WhatsApp. So, you can make a final decision about whether you should use a GB WhatsApp on your device and what could be the result of using it.

GB WhatsApp Pros and Cons Showdown

  • Extended Customization
    This modified version allows you to customize the interface of WhatsApp as you want. Moreover, it provides you with more features, modified themes, and changed font and style to make your messaging experience better.
  • Enhanced Privacy Setting
    One other advantage of using this version is that it can enhance your privacy setting. It can make your account more private. You can hide your last seen status, online status, and read receipt. You can hide that you saw other WhatsApp statuses.
  • Additional Security Features
    This modified version provides more security as compared to official WhatsApp. You can lock your WhatsApp screen in this, and even you can lock individual contact separately, So, no one reads your personal messages without your permission.
  • More Flexibility in Sharing Media
    This version provides more flexibility for sharing media as compared to official WhatsApp. You can share large quantities of images, videos, and documents, and also you can share high storage data in this while registered WhatsApp does not provide this flexibility.
  • Message Scheduling
    This version helps you to set a message schedule for your reminder. This schedule helps you in different ways, for example, if you are busy or sleeping or forget to send an important message this will send an auto message according to your schedule.
  • Not Officially Registered
    One of the most significant disadvantages of GB WhatsApp is that it is not officially registered on Google Store. That means a third party is involved in this, which can be harmful to your device
  • Security Risks
    As this modified version of official WhatsApp is not officially registered, the involvement of a third party in this makes it highly risky. The risk is not official support, which means if you face any issue using this version you can’t contact the support team.
  • Violation of Terms of Service
    Use of this modified version of WhatsApp is totally against official WhatsApp terms and conditions. That means if official WhatsApp finds any modified user it will block their account temporarily or permanently, Because WhatsApp did not allow using any modified version.
  • Loss of Data
    Sometimes you may not be able to get a backup of your gb whatsapp chat thats the major reason you may lose your important data but if you don’t want to not lose your data so you can use gb whatsapp backup to recover your important data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

If we walk through officially, WhatsApp is much better than GBWhatsApp because this is officially released and registered on the Google Play Store. Moreover, it provided complete support to its users. While GBWhatsApp does not provide any support and the mod version of WhatsApp. But if we see the user’s point of view, then this mod version is better than the original WhatsApp because of its extra features, privacy, and customization.

Yes, this mod version is fully illegal because at the time WhatsApp core released files some Android developer stored their file and made changes with this and created their own version which is totally illegal.


GB WhatsApp is the mod version of WhatsApp, and it has many pros and cons the biggest pros of this version are Extended customization, Enhanced privacy settings, Additional security features, More flexibility in sharing media, and Message scheduling. While the biggest cons are Not officially registered, Security risks, Violation of terms of service, and Loss of data.

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